Domain Registration

Registering a domain is essential for those who work with the internet. Even before the website, the internet domain name allows you to have a personalized e-mail address.

You know the difference between getting a quote from a professional who uses coordinated letterhead and business card, rather than one who writes the prices in pen on a piece of notepad paper? Who would you trust for the same price?

There are other advantages that are obtained in buying an internet domain, we list them below …

  • Personalized and professional e-mail address such as “”
  • Your e-mail and your data are not in the hands of the big search engines, but remain reserved only for you
  • Protection of your company’s brand or trademarks
  • Possibility of being found on the internet in a specific and targeted way

Domain Registraion

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If you’re still hesitating, don’t do it, buy your domain name now before the competition.

With us you can have your domain name at an affordable price and immediately working for a presentation website.

Your e-mail address with antispam is also included in the price.

Check that the domain name you have chosen is available and with one click you can make it yours.

Domain registration: Useful for brand protection. But what is it?

Protecting the brand or brands of your company is very important and thanks to our advantageous prices you can buy more than one domain with the same name so as to ensure that no one can copy your domain name anymore.

Yes, when you think about the perfect name for you and your business, check out the other main extensions and register them all.

Do not let others register them for you and thus intercept the traffic reserved for you and your website.

Buy a domain! include:

  • FTP access
  • Web file manager
  • Customizable management of the e-mail space
  • Infinite email aliases
  • POP3 / IMAP4 access independent of the connection used
  • Webmail access
  • Personal secure SMTP server
  • Antivirus and antispam filter capable of eliminating over 95% of junk mail without false positives
  • No need for a domain without hosting: you have 1 Giga of hosting always included at the price of the domain.
  • Purchase and Registration or transfer of a domain name of your choice among the COM NET ORG INFO BIZ extensions

Why rely on the us for data entry?

We offer you the possibility to save on the cost of the data entry process starting from 25% compared to carrying out the operation with your staff. This is possible because we have the experience, the trained and suitable resources for each type of data, the procedures and all the best software on the market to switch the analog data into digital with the highest accuracy rate and the best value for money on the market.

We provide a complete data entry service in databases and in any other electronic tool starting from paper supports or different types of computer archives. The detection can take place through cutting-edge tools in the conversion of information or manually in cases where this is necessary.

It is also possible to combine the collection of data and their insertion into the database with the development of a software connected to it made to measure for the information to be managed. The result in this case is a finished and complete product which, in addition to ensuring a practical consultation of the data, will facilitate the insertion of new information.

How to register a domain?

If you want to make yourself known and protect your online identity, all you have to do is search, choose the domain name and match the service that best suits your needs.

Registering a domain is a simple procedure: to place an order for a web domain you just need to check the availability of the chosen name by selecting one of the many extensions that can be purchased.

If the name is available, you will be able to easily register your domain and add a professional hosting service.

Register your domain with Professional Hosting and take advantage of a complete service without surprises.

Tips before registering a domain

Finding the right name is perhaps the most difficult operation, what we can do is summarize some guiding points – also from a SEO perspective …

  • Use a simple and verbally communicable name without ambiguity
  • Avoid using hyphens
  • Check the availability of domains with different extensions
  • Make sure there are no competitors with the same or similar name
  • Prefer the most suitable extension (e.g. it for domains aimed at an Italian audience, .com for international sites)

How many domain variants to buy?

Having finally found the right name, the temptation might be to register dozens of different extensions for the same domain, even considering the spelling variants.

The invitation is to focus on a handful of main extensions:

remember that the renewal price of the domains could rise significantly, given the custom of offering the first registration below cost.

Transfer of a domain

If you already have a domain, you can easily proceed with the transfer to a different hosting provider by requesting the authorization code (auth-info) from your current provider.

Once obtained, you can proceed with the transfer, providing your site with a superior, affordable and reliable hosting service.

Professional Hosting offers maximum flexibility and reliability with domains at the best conditions, both from an economic point of view and for the performance of the services offered.

Do you need help?

Do you have any doubts or questions about registering a domain?

Do you need help or need more information?

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Register the domain you want, take advantage of a reliable and fast professional service and launch your website!