Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a sophisticated selling technique focused on developing and publishing valuable content and communicating with potential customers, without requiring them to buy products or services.
“Content is king” the slogan that is spreading: the digital marketer and companies have discovered the importance of using quality content to attract visitors, increase qualified contacts and contracts, generating sales, retain customers and turn them into spontaneous promoters of their brand.

In addition, the “Content Marketing” is a marketing strategy focused on developing and publishing valuable content. It is a sophisticated selling technique, since it provides for the development and management in the time of a network content, that usually companies adopt to develop or strengthen the relationship of trust and interaction with potential customers, making them more aware and likely to buy their products or services.

Consumers are now so used to traditional advertising, which often ignore. It’s really the time to develop a new marketing strategy, projected into the future and be able to optimize your business budget devoted to the advertising. And this new strategy should include the Content Marketing.

The CYONWO Content Marketing service offers to create great content, suitable to acquire customers as a specific target audience. This is not to enter a one-off campaign on Media. The Content Marketing consists rather in a continuous process and consistent production of relevant and interesting content, designed to inform the consumer and to direct its buying behavior of business products and services. Once the customers will know what the company is competent and professional, once know the benefits of the business products and services, the change of its behavior in the purchases will be a natural consequence. Therefore, the Content Marketing should be integrated into any business marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

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In essence, the Content Marketing is the art of communicating with customers and potential customers, without requiring them to buy products or services but providing the information needed to purchase fully conscious. The Content Marketing is an indisputably successful promotional technique, integrated into the marketing strategy of many large, medium and small companies. We make the constant source of valuable information, actually, tends to increase and retain customers.

On the contrary, the possibility to receive free useful information and prepared with care, not only is a beautiful presentation card, but it is an extra advantage that it can be easily acceptable to the user, even when customers should not be immediately interested in purchasing. The factor for news and useful information, opening a breach in the armor “anti-advertising” and “anti-spam” the potential customer and makes it possible to start building a relationship with the knowledge and confidence. It is still more likely that a given need, sooner or later, face entrance among the priorities of the consumer, once they are aware of information, benefits, regulations, trends, etc.

Obtaining Effective Content For Your Marketing

Content Marketing allows providing direct information, written in a format easily understood and through the best communicative channels. We understand the importance of this type of marketing, it is vital to find quality content needed to follow the strategy set itself. Creating quality content is not easy, requires in-depth knowledge, that’s why rely on experts is always the best solution for the professional products of the highest quality.

Which types of content most suited to your company?

Once you set goals and your target audience, it will be easier to identify the best type of content to achieve both. Here are some examples of useful content to reach your targeted customers…

Increase enrollment

To increase the number of registrations, the contents must show the advantages offered by your specific product or service. In addition, there should be calls to action (CTA) that encourage people to sign up or to try your product or service.

If your group of potential customers is niche, the content should be designed precisely for that niche. If your company has a much, create content that is interesting and acceptable by most people.

Useful types of content for this purpose include:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Video tutorials
  • Advertising / social media campaigns that are targeted to specific audiences
  • Content designed for leadership, published in leading newspapers

Increase brand awareness is key to any markets

Create content that is attractive! Must show the experience you have behind and be useful to a wide range of people, not just those who use your products or services.

Useful types of content for this purpose include:

  • Video tutorials
  • InfoGraphics
  • Case studies or success stories of your customers
  • Content on social media that they are culturally innovative
  • Professional blogger content

Increase traffic to your website

If you want to increase traffic to the resources available on your website, focused on creating content that is easy to find and have a strong relationship with the company or the sector in which it operates.

Useful types of content for this purpose include:

  • Advertising on social media that are targeted to specific audiences
  • Content optimized for SEO blog
  • Guest posts on popular blogs
  • Newsletter / e-mail