Data Entry

We are truly professional in the outsourcing data entry service and in the conversion of paper or analog data into digital media.

Our data service has a guaranteed accuracy of over 99% of the data entered and is carried out by specialists in the sector. We provide the data entry service starting from the use of the most innovative data recognition techniques. The starting data can be of any type: paper support, obsolete computer archive, etc. If the data cannot be automatically converted to digital, data entry is done manually.

The data entry service is performed in complete autonomy. Our precision in operating and confidentiality are guaranteed by experience in data entry for Banking Institutions, Multinationals, Software Houses, Insurance Companies, Professional Firms.

Data Entry

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In particular, we deal with …

  • Bank treasury data
  • Salary data
  • Active and passive invoices
  • Warehouse billing and picking vouchers
  • Sales and purchase orders
  • Articles from websites
  • Articles and descriptions for e-commerce
  • Items in stock
  • Medical legal, scientific reports, legal acts

These are just some of the areas where our outsourced data entry service has been employed.

Why rely on the us for data entry?

We offer you the possibility to save on the cost of the data entry process starting from 25% compared to carrying out the operation with your staff. This is possible because we have the experience, the trained and suitable resources for each type of data, the procedures and all the best software on the market to switch the analog data into digital with the highest accuracy rate and the best value for money on the market.

We provide a complete data entry service in databases and in any other electronic tool starting from paper supports or different types of computer archives. The detection can take place through cutting-edge tools in the conversion of information or manually in cases where this is necessary.

It is also possible to combine the collection of data and their insertion into the database with the development of a software connected to it made to measure for the information to be managed. The result in this case is a finished and complete product which, in addition to ensuring a practical consultation of the data, will facilitate the insertion of new information.

Saving Money

By externally delegating the insertion or conversion of data we ensure a reduction in costs thanks to the considerable time savings of your staff.

Respect For Privacy

It is our priority to ensure full compliance with the data we are going to analyze. Your privacy is guaranteed by high internal security systems and standards

Guaranteed Quality

The advanced training of our operators and the high technology of the tools used allow us to achieve results of the highest quality.

Tailor-Made Service

All the services offered are extremely personalized on the needs of the individual customer. Collaboration and communication make us the ideal partner for your business

How do we work?

The customer provides us with the source material electronically or by post, according to the type of work to be carried out. During the processing you will be kept constantly updated on the progress of the work.

There are several companies on the market that offer data entry services. We offer you certified and guaranteed quality. Our data entry service is focused on the accuracy and truthfulness of the data. We check the source and provide valuable information regarding the normalization of the data we process.

Data entry does not only mean entering data, but knowing how to transfer data from one information system to another without losing information and providing cutting-edge and tailor-made software solutions to guarantee the portability of databases today and in the future.

Our priority is to guarantee the privacy of your data, not only during the insertion phase but also during the transfer or storage phase. Through our company we take care of drawing up an ad hoc plan, becoming responsible for the processing of your data and ensuring that all the infrastructure is privacy by default and by design.

Our data entry services are all structured according to specific needs. Thanks to our experience in the sector, we are able to find the right solution for your needs that is able to provide you with the best value for money possible.

Some examples of the practical use of the data entry services …

  • Data from appraisals, injunctions, mortgages, etc. in the exercise of the impaired loan management service
  • Addresses and contact details on analogue media
  • Data entry on any customer procedure remotely with VPN
  • Insertion of customs bills
  • Survey forms or poll forms
  • Customer satisfaction survey cards
  • Inventory records
  • Intervention reports or timesheets
  • Analog filled forms or templates
  • Transfer or import of database data
  • Insertion of products or services on e-commerce platforms
  • Transfer of paper price lists, catalogs, price lists
  • Entry of expense reports, reports, reports
  • Inserting audio recordings (see transcription of conferences, congresses, conferences)

How our data entry service works?

Just send an email or via the contact form describing your need; one of our experts in the creation of data entry services will contact you to request the necessary information.

Within 48 hours you will receive the cost estimate with respect to the agreed solutions which may include, by way of example, the withdrawal of the analogue material at your headquarters, the sending of digital files via encrypted channel depending on the type of material to be processed.

The data entry and data quality service is aimed at all companies, bodies, public administrations, professional associations that need to digitize or insert a significant amount of data in IT procedures with great precision and attention.

Data entry combined with data quality allows companies to take advantage of the latest big data analysis technologies such as artificial intelligence or business intelligence.