Blogger Outreach

Guest blogging is still a decisive solution to obtain good results. Many create a blog, define an editorial plan, do an on-site SEO optimization, find the keywords for their business and take a seat. To wait.

For who? For those companies that want to raise awareness of their niche and ultimately increase the sales of their product or service.

Blogs, unlike other marketing tools, have enormous potential. Which? They influence.

The public follows the blogger for their ideas, the values they share and the lifestyle they lead. Find the right blog for your business and you will find the right advertising medium for your product or service.

What is the blogger outreach?

The blogger outreach is a real marketing activity through which companies and bloggers come together to create informative content particularly targeted to the market niche you want to hit.

We always think of bloggers as young guys who take care of their site more for passion than for profession. But that’s not the truth, not anymore. Today blogs are real means of communication and business. Let’s see why right away.

Blogger Outreach

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Why do bloggers outreach?

Consumers today follow a specific pattern of behavior. Before making any purchases, whether they are at home or directly near the physical store, they do a preliminary search on the web. They compare brands, outlets, prices, and most importantly, reviews.

The testimonies of other buyers have become one of the cornerstones around which the thirst for knowledge of online users gravitates. Good reviews on the product or service immediately put the user in a positive mood and intent on purchasing.

Together with this, it must be considered that each user has their own models to follow on the web, the so-called influencers. The word influencer identifies a very large slice of personality and, among these, there are many influential people who own a blog and are expert bloggers in a particular sector.

How to outreach bloggers?

Like any marketing activity, even a blogger outreach campaign must be studied and planned down to the smallest detail. In order for it to be effective and lead to a real increase in sales, the brand must select an influential blogger in its own market niche and who conveys the information with a means suitable for the strategy it intends to apply.


The simplest formula is that according to which the brand agrees with the blogger to write a post on a specific topic, within which to insert the tag or link to the company. For this activity, the price varies based on the audience provided by the blogger and the complexity of the content to be created.


Many companies, especially those that sell products, decide to send a free sample to the blogger so that he can test it himself and then recommend it to his audience through articles, photos, videos or stories on social media.


A technique much loved by followers, and able to create a strong engagement, is that of giveaways. The brand is giving away a prize and the chosen blogger takes care of advertising the competition, creating the competition and selecting the winner to send the final prize to.

Blogger Outreach

What Benefits for Businesses?

Setting up a blogger outreach campaign is not the easy walk it might seem. However, if well set up, it can bring numerous and immediate benefits.

Virtuous relationships with bloggers and opinion leaders

Thanks to the outreach blog you can identify bloggers, journalists and influencers in your sector, make your products and services known to a highly interested audience, without wasting time with resources that are not aligned with your needs.

Present the product with quality content

Finding a blog to advertise your product means creating interesting, fascinating and viral content. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas with users and targets to improve the performance of the product or its presentation to the public. Only quality and selected target, these are the right ingredients.

Increase Brand Awareness

Publishing quality content on the right blogs means making your brand known, but also doing Digital PR in the right way: people discover your name, like your content and link your pages, improving the performance of the site on search engines. Your brand gains significant benefits from mentions of your brand that increase your authority

Why You Need Blogger Outreach Professoinals?

The blogger outreach is an essential keystone if you want to achieve concrete and measurable results. But even if you work the right way. The first step is simple but decisive: define goals. Why dedicate space to this technique?

This way you can aim for specific benefits …

  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Collaborations
  • Interactions
  • Shares

Outreach blogger has a higher goal is to create shares. It is no coincidence that this matter falls into the broader category of activities concerning the aforementioned digital PR.

This is the point of interest: how to work in this direction to obtain good results? The solution is simple: first you need to identify a cluster of sites that could be useful for your work.

The perspective is that of those who work long-term. The work of outreach blogger, with selection of contacts and the establishment of a personalized professional relationship, is perfect for obtaining quality inbound links. And not to burn your brand with the sad spammer label.

Sending dozens of emails, a day to reach as many bloggers as possible may seem like a more interesting and beneficial idea if you reason with the idea that an obtained link is an earned link.

But if you ignore the missed opportunities of a human relationship, and the discredit that attaches to your brand when you pester a blogger with yet another unwanted email with a false, standardized tone, you are making a major mistake. People want to start personalization-based content marketing, and blogger outreach allows them to do just that.