Article Writing

Keeping a blog or an Internet site “alive” means publishing new content frequently and encouraging users to visit the pages of our site every day in search of news, useful information and ideas. However, you don’t always have the time to write new articles to publish, considering that part of it is used to take care of the graphic and promotional aspects.

Precisely the lack of continuity in proposing updates and new texts often causes a loss of interest on the part of users who, always finding the same old articles when they browse your site, prefer to look elsewhere for the news or insights they have. need. If you don’t want your site to tire readers soon, we will write for you! It is the SEO article writing service that you need. Texts tailored for you personally written by us according to your needs.

You understood well, we do not have “ready-made” articles that could more or less adapt to your needs and be in line with the topics covered on your site, but based on your indications and suggestions we will write new articles for you and you can publish them on your site. Articles for blogs, e-commerce texts, corporate and personal sites. Whatever the topic to be treated, the product to be advertised or the topic to be addressed, with our SEO article writing service you will finally be able to engage your readers with new and interesting articles, smooth and pleasant to read.

Article Writing

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Are you looking for articles for your web marketing campaigns and valuable content for your site? We provide a fully informative, search engine optimized article writing service.

– You can use the items you order to …

– Article marketing campaigns

– Email marketing campaigns

– Long content for websites

– Online magazines

– Thematic blogs

– Information sites

Characteristics of the articles

There are some “technical” conditions that an article must respect in order to be truly valid, of quality, unique and of sure interest to readers. The articles we will write will respect these 6 characteristics

Optimized for search engines

Each article is optimized for search engines based on the most effective keywords on the topic you requested. Content optimization techniques will not violate Google’s rules.

Grammatical correctness

The articles are written in good Italian: grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation will be correct. The texts will also be formatted to make them easy to read.


Articles of 2-300 words cannot give good results because they are too short and it is not possible to enter enough information. For this service I have chosen to write articles with a minimum length of 600 words.

100% unique

The information in the articles comes from extensive research on valid sources. No text will be copied online and pasted into the article. No text will be recycled.

Quality content

The content of the articles will be written to be interesting and informative: valid and original content that increases the possibility of being appreciated by readers and shared on social media.


Titles, texts and information will all be closely linked, relevant, to the topic of the articles, written to be of safe use to users, relevant to online readers.

The process of article writing

To work, an article must be written according to a precise procedure. Over the years we have developed our own writing process which includes a series of steps, phases that lead the basic idea to the final draft of the article.

  1. Preparation of a draft of the article structure
  2. Subtitles with primary and secondary keywords
  3. Index of topics covered
  4. Search for sources
  5. First draft of the article
  6. Rereading of the text
  7. Improved formatting (bold, italics)
  8. Review of the article
  9. Entering the final call to action
  10. Drafting of the abstract
  11. Writing the title and description
  12. Suggestion for the article URL
  13. Submit the article for approval
  14. Any changes after customer comments

How the article writing service works?

When ordering, you will provide me with the following information for each item …

  • Primary and secondary keywords
  • Expected number of words in the article (600+)
  • Any web page to link for each article
  • Objectives of the article
  • Target audience
  • Benefits of article writing service

Why choose a writing service for your articles?

It is easier, faster and cheaper to write your articles yourself, but if you don’t know how to write for the web, if you have never written an article for digital readers, if you want, above all, professional writing, then it is better to rely on who can write.

Our article writing service guarantees you …


We have been writing texts for the web since 2010 and so far we have written over 3700 articles and over 1000 texts for corporate web pages.


Online is full of articles with grammatical errors of all kinds. Our articles are all written in perfect grammar.


The texts are optimized for search engines. There will be no incorrect technique or keyword forcing. Not even at the request of the customer.


All articles are formatted respecting the rules of writing online texts with the use of titles, subtitles, numbered and bulleted lists, bold, italics.


Meeting deadlines. We will deliver the items to you by the due date.