Usability Analysis

Usability and User Experience (UX) are two dimensions of the web increasingly essential design for the realization of e-commerce sites, and who want to remain in the market for players and maintain a good relationship with users.

A website should promote effectively carry out the actions and allow users to enjoy with clear information available. In this sense, CYONWO offers a service usability analysis, aimed to retain the traffic coming to a website and promotes its navigability. The usability is that owning a website that makes it easier to use. A website is said usable when it can access in the enjoyment and pleasant in navigation, but also when allowing efficient use and limits of interaction errors.

The user when browse to a website expect to find an immediate presentation of the products and information in a structure with a simple and intuitive navigation. If users cannot find the information that they seek, the user is taken to abandon the website, resulting in a loss of potential sales if it is an e-commerce site.

The online marketing team of CYONWO offers a service usability analysis designed to optimize websites and facilitate navigability. The analysis goes to probe the critical issues of the existing website in terms of …

  • Speed
  • Mobile use
  • Layout
  • Content
  • User navigation paths

Following the analysis, CYONWO produces a usability report containing all the improvements needed to make the most powerful website level user experience.

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Usability and User Experience Design

Your users should easily find what they want on your site and it transposes value. The usability of a website today makes a difference because the competition is just a click away.

If the information users are looking for cannot be found, or your browsing interfaces are poorly useful, too complex and difficult to use, users drop out of the site and often decide not to come back anymore.

Usability and User Experience (UX) are two dimensions of the web increasingly essential design for the realization of e-commerce sites, and who want to remain in the market for players and maintain a good relationship with users.

In addition, it allows you to take off conversions and consequences of the leads, sales or the objectives to be achieved with the website.

Increasingly, the efforts of those who worry about generating qualified traffic on the site (via advertising or search marketing services campaigns) are outweighed by little usable sites, poor navigation interfaces, content and communication of ineffective website.

Our support is apt to design (or redesign in the case of restyling) a website or an online shop user-centered, and we do it thinking of all the different devices used today by users to access a website: PCs, tablets, smartphones.

The service includes one or more of the following activities:

  • Analysis of the user through experience also for the web analytics
  • Spurs design information, home page, inner pages and sections
  • Interface study navigation of appropriate research tools and useful to users
  • Analysis and improvement of the readability and use of content
  • Highlighting the critical elements that undermine the User Experience
  • Analysis / design of the product or service
  • Effectiveness tests
  • Laboratories of analysis (eye and mouse tracking, survey and test sample of users)
  • Support for mobile and responsive design

We identify and correct the usability problems of your site to increase conversions. The usability is seen as the effectiveness, the efficiency, and satisfaction with which users are able to accomplish specific objectives. Therefore defines the degree of ease and satisfaction with which a visitor interacts with a website or digital experience.

If a site is not very usable or provides too many obstacles to the completion of an action records a greater number of dropouts and consequently away achieving business objectives.

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Our Service Benefits

  • Identifying the barriers that prevent users from achieving specific objectives.
  • A collection of insights on how users use the site.
  • Identification of critical areas of the site, where users interact with more difficulty.
  • Formulation of improvement assumptions directly implemented on the site.
  • Direct implementation of the changes on the site.

Our Working Strategy

  • Identification of possible critical areas to achieve the user’s overall aims and those of the site (collection of leads, conversions) on which to concentrate the survey.
  • Site testing to identify problems: through the expert eye of our experts (heuristic), from the user point of view (usability testing with real subjects) and with the use of specific tools (the heatmap analysis).
  • A collection of problems and friction points surveyed.
  • Proposal of improvement hypotheses.
  • Implementation of the changes on the site or, alternatively, realization of wireframe ameliorative.
  • Check qualitative and / or quantitative hypotheses (usability, A / B test).

The heatmap analysis

The heatmap is fundamental to study and understand the behavior of a user who visits a website with an analysis of clicks or mouse movements on a web page, we can identify the most areas considered by users.

With this graphical representation, we can understand…

  • What are the elements of the interface on which the more people click and what not?
  • How many users shrug their pages and where they stop?

Heuristic analysis

The heuristic analysis is a usability evaluation method in which our experts analyze a site to identify weaknesses and problems through guidelines of good design, calls precisely heuristics.

Professionals who conduct check-ups navigate the interface by putting ourselves in the shoes of a typical user of that product and simulating some representative tasks in search of anything that might be difficult to understand and use. For each point identified is indicated hypothesis ameliorative.

Heuristic analysis has the advantage of being able to be achieved quickly and identify a number of possible problems and points of friction although it may not be to replace usability testing with real users. The parallel use of these two methods of investigation allows more complete results and analysis that is more accurate.

Usability testing with users

Users are almost always right, we listen to them and put them at the center of the design. Respect the principle of usability is a good basis for building a high-performance site but, to meet the needs of users, you cannot do without their direct involvement.

The usability test is a qualitative analysis method, which involved real users, invited to use the site to complete realistic tasks. The objective of the test is to observe the user behavior and acquiring opinions, problems and views during the navigation points.

  • Identification and recruitment of target users.
  • Structuring of tasks, to be undertaken by users during testing, developed on the basis of the objectives of the site and analysis of analytics.
  • Video-recorded test sessions.
  • Identification of critical points or friction that emerged from the testing phase.
  • Proposal of improvement hypotheses based on emerging evidence.

Realize the power of usable websites and analyze traffic

Usability is an aspect not highly regarded within an online business project. Browsing a website, rather it determines the satisfaction and the degree of usability, significantly influencing the company image perceived by users. A website “usable”, which is an e-commerce site, a blog, an information portal, a forum, is a collection of pages that must be designed to facilitate as much as possible to the user experience, allowing them to use in an intuitive of all the operations that the website provides.

In the case of an e-commerce, for example, navigation within the catalog and that the final purchase door, is a focal path that must not have barriers of any kind. If you develop, an eye-catching website can be easy and the reason for complacency, it does not guarantee a good usability, which is rather a primary aspect to a user. Develop an impact website, image, refined and usable means make it state of the art, having the serenity of ensuring excellent navigation to each user by cultivating at the same time the prestige of the brand, which is useful to increase customer loyalty and spread the popularity of its online activities.

The realization of usable websites has as pre-requirements under great development experience, skills of empathy with the user to create intuitive navigation paths and the ability to create an eye-catching aesthetic that favors the use of content. Trusting us, you will have the peace of mind to treat this aspect so competent and so to have a usable website; it does not turn away visitors and produce conversions.

The usability is not a subjective aspect but is measured thanks to the web analytics that traffic analysis of a website. Through a series of parameters, metrics, and crossed data, you can test the behavior of users on all website pages, detecting obstacles and factors that may disadvantage a fluid navigation. The analysis of the traffic generated by visitors provides an amount of data necessary to accomplish all the activities to promote and review their performance. Thanks to the analytics tools, we can get information on various aspects such as the country of origin, the pages of interest, the devices used to navigate, economic performance and business data to make marketing statistics.

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