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The CYONWO plans, manages and monitors the results of the promotional operations of its customers across all platforms of online advertising available in the digital environment, with particular focus…

The Online Marketing or Online Advertising, all that means of promotion and advertising online, is the essence of a business website. It is used, in all its forms, to effectively spread the image created with the site itself.

The Online Advertising, therefore, serves to realize the purpose for why the website was created, namely the sale of our products and/or services through the appropriate instruments and online channels. Still, it has to be very carefully planned to give satisfactory results.

Online Advertising involves a quote very detailed examination of the type of product and/or service you want to sell, area or region in which it will be offered, the type of potential customers (target), competition, etc. Based on this analysis, we develop a plan and action strategies using certain tools and channels: email campaigns, sponsored placements on search engines, social networks, banner advertising, affiliate programs, etc…

The professional team of CYONWO is ready to develop with you an effective promotion and advertising strategy online aimed not at attracting potential customers, but to select only those who are truly interested in your products and/or services. Of course, all activity is tracked for continuous monitoring of the results.

The online advertising allows you to reach its objectives in a timely and continuously monitored. Launch a new product or online service requires proper planning of the objectives to be achieved, but also appropriate content strategy and skillful orchestration of online marketing tools in order to harness the power of the web circulation without incurring damage to reputation and blunders.

The Online Advertising has become one of the major sources of income for businesses, not only for those who work directly in e-commerce.


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Online Advertising Services

The online advertising has evolved a lot over the last decade, the advertising banners that were once the most common means to make known brands and products are just one of the elements available to the modern marketing applied to the network. The old pop-ups have become the inconvenience to those who surf on the internet so come often blocked by specific programs.

The algorithms changed by Google in 2013 with the Hummingbird update have revolutionized research on the internet; it is now the user and its needs at the center of everything, quality content to please people and not for search engines. The user is at the center of all as the potential buyer of goods and services; it is now needed to research and hunted user requirement by cookies.

If you are really interested in investing in Online Advertising, then learn more about Online Advertising services we offered with the little guide, which will help you to make your choice…

Search Engine Marketing

Based on the pay-per-click before mentioned, Google Adwords is the most used method to pick up your website and with it the sales of your products at the forefront of research on the Google search engine.

When you search for certain keywords on Google, the results will be made by a combination of paid results and organic results dictated by a good use of SEO techniques (search engine optimization). The latter are sorted by relevance and landing page, whereas paid results are sorted according to the offer value.

The paid ads in the Online Advertising are known as AdWords ads and are positioned according to the keyword that you look for and the offer made on this particular word. The keywords can be very expensive; our position based on the keywords will remain high so long as the AdWords advertising campaign will be active. How much more you invest on sophisticated and expensive keywords the more your site will be located at the top of Google SERP.

The AdWords ads are known to have a good conversion rate, since the intention of the user, such as the purchase of a Samsung LCD TV, will exactly match the product or service offered by the advertiser.

Running a campaign on Adwords, Online Advertising is a rather complicated process with dozens of variables, the keyword matching the quality score but it is one of the best tools to convince users to buy internet service or an object, it is important to rely on professional as CYONWO with proven experience for a sure success.

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Social Media Marketing

Social networks like Facebook, born to relate to each other people, have had a success that changed the way we live and relate to others. Before long this user base, which in the case of Facebook now has more than one billion daily connections, has become a target of potential customers for any business that wants to make advertising on the web for its products and services.

One of the main advantages is that social networks are born with the options related to the targeting of the members; in fact indicate at the time of age, gender, geographic location and even personal interests. The Social Media Ads Platform allows a great customization 360 degrees according to your goals.

The Social Media ads are of two types: the sidebar ads and sponsored content. Both ads can be used to drive traffic, generate ‘like’ to your company page or simply inform users about a new product is basically a new reinterpretation of the classic newsletter.

Although the social media advertising is technically a form of display advertising, the operation of online advertising on social networks is quite different. Targeting options make it much easier to customize a campaign on social rather than a display campaign large that it is more difficult to manage.

By targeting options we can create a multimedia advertising campaign targeted to your ideal audience. Also thanks to the ability to create the custom audience and similar audience, we can still convey your messages more towards your ideal target customers with the aim to significantly increase the conversion rate and sales.

Not only Facebook! LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter Ads are also a great opportunity for your business. It allows you to target ads directly to companies within your industry.

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Content Marketing

If the use of AdWords ads have an immediate effect and is considered a short-term investment because its duration is limited to the payment of the service, a good planning advertising on the web must also provide the long-lasting results and not linked to a paid service. The design of optimized content for search engines in SEO is the best medium to long term investment. The algorithm developed by Google Hummingbird of 2013 has changed the way to get known on the web and then online advertising, “Content is King” is the dogma for the web today.

Content Marketing of your website according to the rules of SEO will have growth in organic searches that will take you to be stationed between the first research without paying for advertising on the internet with payment methods.

If you are planning to launch Content Marketing campaign for your e-commerce site or blog better rely on CYONWO as we have the professional writer, who know how to create absolutely new content and that are able to combine a good semantics with the SEO rules.

Contextual Advertising

Have you ever read a post on a blog that talks about saving, and then you have found an advertisement for a credit card? This is the contextual advertising, a type of advertising on the internet that allows you to place display ads next to relevant content for your target audience.

Contextual advertising encompasses a range of techniques used by other existing advertising formats even before the advent of the internet. Contextual ads can be banners, video overlay ads, ads on social media and much more. Contextual ads have to be well studied and planned, have the great advantage of being always in theme with the content viewed by the user and then appreciated, they are in fact always on target with the public to whom they are addressed.

A wide range of ad networks includes contextual targeting options such as Adwords with the search network options and the display network, enabling contextual targeting text ads, display ads, videos and other ad formats.

Contextual advertising campaigns are able to generate a high percentage of clicks, conversions, and sales and therefore for your business gain.

Advertising Remarketing

Did you happen to have looked for an object on the internet and find yourself of the article in commercials or the same type of Facebook?

Obviously, this is not a coincidence but the Advertising Remarketing; a remarketing tag via a cookie is following you like a bloodhound.

It is a good opportunity to remind those who have visited your site to complete the purchase or ask questions. Our professional team has the task to incorporate into your site a code through the issuance of a cookie can track the potential customer, we can then reproduce the article the user was interested, propose an offer that cannot be waived or similar object but the best features or a lower price.

The remarketing advertising campaigns are aimed increased sales and intercept the undecided users who have not yet made a purchase and that without a second offer will not buy.

Display Advertising or Banner

The campaigns of advertising online or via Banner Display Advertising, in the beginning, were practically the only system for advertising on the internet.

The banner campaigns were sold by calculating the cost per thousand impressions (CPM), then it is understood that the total lack of interaction with the user that visited the page where the banner was present made it almost always unnecessary views in terms of commercial returns, display advertising is then passed to be sold by number of clicks, the pay-per-click (PPC) it forces the user to pay attention to advertising by clicking on the banner.

The Display Advertising fact allows to evaluate how much a web advertising is working and demographic targeting directly to the “typical customer” of a good or service depending on your geographic location, age, sex etc.

Ads to display usually have standard measures, the format 300 × 250 pixels “medium rectangle” and 160 × 600 pixels “wide skyscraper” may nevertheless be dimensioned by the customer on request.

Our CYONWO team will be able, using the Google Display Network Adwords do some split testing and test which format would give the best results in terms of CTR and conversions. The success of a campaign or Banner Advertising Display is dictated by the combination of a good chart and good online marketing knowledge.

Pre-roll video ads

Pre-roll ads are shown for branding, to know your brand is one of the keys to success, since the beginning of the marketing many brands have become synonymous with a product, the bar no longer asks a gas but a Sprite! Usually, the pre-roll ads are the short promotional video shown before a video by the user sought, are comparable to the advertising shown at movie theaters before the movie.

These online advertising should be short (5.10 seconds) so as not to annoy the user eager to see their favorite video, but the impact to be encouraged to buy a product or remember your brand.

Advertising Video Overlay

The video advertising is not only pre-roll but also includes overlay ads. The video overlay ads are text ads or banner ads that appear at the top of a YouTube video. Such as pre-roll ads, they can be purchased, designed and targeted using the Adwords Display Network.

The overlay video ads can be targeted to your target using many customization variables. You can select the target keywords and display your ads on related videos, use geo-targeting to its geographic location, or select an audience for remarketing to reach people who previously visited your website previously.

If the pre-roll ads are ideal for branding, the overlay video ads are usually the best choice for the conversion. This is because they are cheaper and better suited to quickly capture the attention of YouTube users.

The key to an effective overlay video ad campaign is twofold: should be set well-targeted and must have an excellent text in the key of persuasive copywriting, the quality of video and text is essential to have an edge over the competition.

What form of advertising on the internet is most suitable for your business?

The Online Advertising we offer are different from each other but they all have the sole purpose of increasing sales of your goods or services, work in different ways: some pay-per-click, cost of impression others, some are the result of optimizing your site through a painstaking work of SEO. To choose the best advertising on the web for your business you should always observe what your competitors are doing in the lead in sales and in the search engines and rely on us.

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