Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimize the conversion rate of a website is a very important activity and a key to success for those who make critical online business. Be able to improve this parameter actually it means sell more.

A “conversion” is an action that the user performs browsing on a website. It can be a sale, a download, a contact, a request for information etc. Moreover, of course, the conversion rate is the ratio of site visitors and the number of conversions performed.

What is the optimization of the rate of conversion?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process to improve the relationship between site visitors and conversions they perform. The goal of a CRO campaign is to increase the number of website conversions, resulting from existing traffic, without it being necessary to increase it.

Conversion rate optimization begins with the study of the way in which visitors use the site. With an understanding of how they interact with the landing pages, we can remove the obstacles that might prevent them from making a purchase or perform any other conversion.

The improvement in conversion rate is the result of a series of measures and improvements to everything that affects a user’s choices, for example, smoothness and professionalism of a website, key messages positioned in a certain area of the page, improved pay-per-click campaign and many other small changes that have a positive effect on the achievement of the objective.

Often companies pay a lot of money to increase the number of visitors to their website and completely ignore that would be enough a few, scientific devices, to improve the return on investment (ROI), without changing their budgets and by increasing the conversion rate.

The CYONWO offering a service CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. The conversion takes place when a user turns from simple internet site visitor to customer of the services offered, the consumer of products sold or just a member of the community that participates and shares the contents of the website.

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Optimize The Conversion Rate

In all these cases, the web site is going up the steps that lead to the achievement of the initial objectives: visits, earnings, success. A task CRO requires a lot of experience and a thorough understanding of the web, in fact, the first thing you have to identify the weaknesses of the website in question, or the obstacles that prevent a user to implement the conversion.

Starting from the unique site visitors and monitor constantly their habits and characteristics, will begin to operate changes to the website, trying to figure out why that user has not made a conversion.

It is a job that requires patience and experience, but that most of the time, leads to excellent results. The CRO shows how many times the quality is better than quantity!

In the service of the CRO, CYONWO aims to help companies and professionals who want to maximize the results stemming from their promotional and marketing activities on the online.

The goal of CRO activities is to lead to the gradual improvement of the conversion rates of the site, in a functional way to the full achievement of the company’s business objectives. The CRO initiatives can be oriented to the increase in sales of products and services through the e-commerce platform, the increase registered users to the company website, subscribers to the newsletter or RSS feed to, the expansion of the number of business contacts, requests for information and quotes.

The achievement of expected results is made possible by careful business analysis Conversion Funnel and the subsequent implementation of measures to improve the site’s usability and make it more attractive, accessible and effective content.

To ensure the development of a profitable strategy of Conversion Rate Optimization, CYONWO uses only tools and technologies, alongside the customer in every phase of and by monitoring continuously the effects of all activities.

The whole of CRO activities is entrusted to a consultant in possession of individual certification Google Analytics, a further guarantee of the high-quality standards in the analysis of fundamental data for strategic and operational purposes.

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Our CRO Strategy

  • Configuration of the Web Analytics platform to measure conversions on actions target specific
  • Depth analysis of data analytics and Conversion Funnel and the development of interventions aimed at increasing the conversion rate of the site to turn visitors into customers
  • Creating Persuasive Copywriting and optimization of existing content to encourage users to perform the desired action by the company (orders for products or services, download corporate brochures, enrollment in the website / newsletter / RSS feeds, etc.)
  • Identifying keywords to access the site feature the best performance in terms of traffic and conversions, and enhancement of the corporate website content based on the evidence gathered (creation of ad hoc content, new pages, etc.).
  • Implementation A / B testing and multivariate and use of advanced tools to identify the most effective strategies to reduce the “cost per contact”
  • Continuous monitoring designed to measure the effectiveness of changes made to the site and enable a further improvement in conversion rate

Our CRO targets

  • Increased conversion rate of the site, in a functional manner to an increase in sales / ROI and to the achievement of specific business objectives (sales, visibility, brand awareness/image, etc.).
  • Optimization of the degree of usability of the site and usability/efficiency of content to increase the level of satisfaction on the part of the relevant public
  • Supporting the participation and involvement of the visitors on the site to enhance the loyalty of visitors

The strengths of our team

  • Use of tools and technologies, to analyze accurately what people are doing on the site and prepare the most profitable and effective strategies
  • Professional support and high level in the analysis procedure of the web analytics data fundamental to strategic and operational purposes
  • Maximum transparency: constant dialogue with the customer on the work in progress and continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the changes with production and reporting update “ad hoc”

The potential of Conversion Rate Optimization to support the company’s business objectives

The ultimate goal of the activities of Search Engine Optimization and, more generally, online marketing is often to result in the most conversions possible for the company that occurs there. The term “conversion” denotes an action that has a concrete value for the company, since it is directly linked to the achievement of its business goals: a purchase, a registration, a contact request or even just displaying a page.

The path leading from visits to conversions takes the name of “Conversion Funnel” and can be schematically represented with a funnel divided into circular sectors, which identify the steps that separate the extreme poles of the first visit and the conversion by the user (for example, the individual pages that stand between the login page to the site and “thank you” page displayed after the conversion). The special shape “funnel” of the Conversion Funnel is due to user behavior within the site: navigation path that leads to the final conversion is inevitably characterized by a progressive abandonment of visitors to rate and only one of them will end up with the take the relevant action for the company (conversion).

The ratio, expressed as a percentage, between the number of conversions and the number of visits to the site called conversion rate and identifies one of the benchmarks for evaluating the performance of a site in relation to the objectives of the company. A low conversion rate in relation to the target market standards may be the indicator of the site’s usability problems, or inadequate supply of the landing page, and other critical issues that, once identified and resolved, could lead to a significant improvement of the business performance of the site for the benefit of the return on investment.

Analysis to deal with the Conversion Funnel, the navigation paths and user behavior on the site aimed at improving its performance in terms of achievable conversions (at constant direct traffic to the site) is one of the online marketing branch known as CRO.

The CRO is the set of strategies and marketing techniques designed to improve the conversion rate of the site, encouraging visitors to take those actions for the company and its functional business goals.

The activities at the heart of a typical strategy of CRO are many and various : from the application of measures on the structure and “look & feel” of the site, to ensure greater usability and ease of use of the same, the revision textual content aimed at improving the persuasive potentials, from identification and strategic use of the keys to access the website more profitable for the company in terms of access and conversions to the creation of information architecture changes the functional site to an increase of the lead generation.

The optimization of website conversion rates through appropriate CRO strategies is one of the activities with the highest impact on the turnover of the company that operates online: just think that the increase in the conversion rate from 1% to 2% produces the same impact on the ROI of an increase of 200% in the number of visits to the company website.

The Conversion Rate Optimization is ultimately one of the most profitable marketing operations to increase site orders and sales without further invest in promotion campaigns or increased traffic, but the best use of the resources of the site, maximizing the actual performance and value the eyes of visitors.

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