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Online Competition Analysis – Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition in the online industry and use the analysis to outperform the competition!

Analysis of competition is to analyze the competitors, the type and quality of the products it offers, the sales techniques and promotional adopting, the prices that apply and how you place on the market. An accurate description of the competitors needs to put well developed it’s offering. This section of the business plan, it is appropriate to divide the contestants into direct and indirect; the first are those who propose the same bid activity to constitute, the seconds ones that offer different products but capable of meeting the same needs.

What is the competitive analysis?

The analysis in the competition consists essentially of identifying the actual or potential competitors, in the assessment of their market position, and in the identification of strengths and weaknesses.

The competitive analysis is a fundamental tool to achieve a proper business strategy: a precise interpretation of the data, especially with the support of a specialist, prevents myopia conditions in market management.

A summary of the activities that characterize a proper analysis of competition are as follows…

  • Identification of competitors of the company.
  • A collection of information detailed on competitors.
  • Processing and analysis of data
  • Defining a positioning matrix of competition according to defined parameters.
  • Comparison between the cross-positioning of competitors and the company.

The competitive analysis is a preliminary service offered by us that is crucial upstream of a commercial project, and should always be done with the collaboration of specialists in the field.

For over past five years, CYONWO competitive analysis service provides competitive analysis with the ultimate goal to support and developing client’s business.


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Why is competitive analysis important?

Having a modern and responsive site is sometimes not enough. To be competitive it is necessary to vehicular traffic to your website via targeted activity SEO and a strong presence on social networks. In addition, the in-depth analysis allows you to thoroughly know your situation and competition on the web, as well as the market in which it operates or where would you put yourself.

This type of preliminary analysis is fundamental to understanding how other companies are moving on the web and personally, we always feel to advise when you want to take the path of SEO for the positioning of your website on search engines.

The marketing strategies to be adopted after a thorough market analysis; it is easier for the aspiring entrepreneur to outline the success factors of its activity, the elements that set it apart from the competition, the development objectives and strategies to achieve them. It is, in fact, mature strategic decisions, bearing in mind the profound interrelationship between existing products, market segments, and chosen competitors. The part of the business plan to devote to marketing strategies is thus one in which you have to make choices depending on the desired objectives.

It must clearly state the lines of strategies and operational decisions that follow on policies…

  • Product: This is to make explicit choices regarding the development of the products, their intrinsic and extrinsic features, packaging and everything that directly concerns the image of the product on the market. If they are to be sold, rather, services, special attention must be paid to the mode of delivery
  • Price: It needs to identify the price with which to face the market. It is certainly not easy to make the price of a product and there is no single method. Certainly, a starting point can be the list prices charged by competitors. Another may be to mark up to operate on the cost of goods for resale and another on the production cost that is not limited only to the cost of raw materials but also takes into account the indirect costs that impact greatly on what is proposed. In the pricing policy also includes discounts or rebates, possibility of hire purchase and the ways in which you think you can get paid
  • Promotion: It will decide, based on your target, what are the tools of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and customer retention to be taken to raise awareness of its offerings and sell it.
  • Distribution: The number and type of distribution channels are in direct relation to the business to be started and the type of to reach customers. It should be divided into a wholesale and retail distribution, list the selected channels and the reasons that led to this choice. It should also be thinking about the physical distribution of the product that is very different from the commercial.

And taking into due consideration the fact that if there is no consistency among the four listed above policies, the business formula highly unlikely to be a harbinger of a departing possible success.

In online marketing, the competitive analysis consists of the observation of the choices and strategies of competitors in a given market segment. The analysis of market competition allows detection of prices and product differentiation among the various companies operating in the market. It also allows you to measure the concentration of firms in a particular market segment, the degrees of differentiation and possible barriers to entry arising from strong brand images or high retention rates in trademarks already operating in the market segment.

The first factor of efficiency in cost or productivity is an advantage of the company’s internal type, the second and third vice versa an advantage of the external type. The attributes and the brand in consumers generate higher willingness to pay, that allows the application of an above average price at product/service quality equal. In general, the cost-effectiveness allows you to market at lower prices than the competition, or to obtain a higher profit per unit for the same price. The choice between two roads is highly dependent on the company’s policy undertaken.

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The data we include in competitive analysis

The CYONWO competitive analysis service consists of a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and their sites, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, to define an online marketing strategy for your business. Our professional team will prepare a plan to take the right decisions to position your business in the search engines with by following the competitor’s online marketing strategy.

When a leader has a strong competitive advantage in efficiency (production, distribution, organizational etc.) can choose to raise real barriers through a policy of expansion. There is no universal rule for the choice of the strategy. We must evaluate and decide ad hoc on the basis of current market conditions and a number of internal and external company variables. Surely, beyond any strategic decision, it is crucial to know the competitors making a correct positioning of their company and the competition in terms of the cost efficiency, the willingness to pay of consumers, the brand knowledge etc.

Our competitive analysis service includes various data and advice that will be useful to improve your online presence.

  • Website analysis: Important to be able to compare with the competition is the analysis of the website of your company: structure and contents, any errors, etc.
  • Compare your site with the competition: Once analyzed your site, put it in comparison with the competition.
  • Online competitors Strategy: In order to compare your strategy with that of competitors and take initial action.
  • Advertising on Google AdWords competition: How many resources and money spends competition to be present in the pay-per-click.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the competition: To exploit important both for your company.
  • Keyword Analysis: To position your company in the first results of search engines.
  • SEO competition: To understand how to optimize your site compare to the competition to appear in the top 10 Google results.
  • Recommendations for your business: It is about creating the foundation for a new online marketing plan.

The advantages of competitive analysis

Understand where are your competitors in the online industry entails an analysis of the online competition. Such an analysis is a fundamental tool to make the online presence of your business truly competitive. The advantages of an analysis of competition online are many. Here are some:

Identification of competition

Maybe you know your competitors offline but online ones may be quite different. Remain unaware of your online competition can be disastrous when your potential customers shift their purchasing from offline to online mode

Identifying your weak points

A company that does not strive to know your competitors, you will never know if you are acting badly since it has no reference points to judge. Not remain perched security to be perfect and free from any improvement. Perfection does not exist, and from experience, we can guarantee that there is always room for improvement – and improvement leads work serenity and profit!

Your strengths

Your company will be better in some ways: through the analysis of the online competition individuals your advantages over the competition so that you can emphasize. Here, too, we have to meet some entrepreneurs and companies to know fully when it lacked an external reference point and a system of comparison with other companies in the industry. Gives the comparison system all we do is open your eyes to the real value of your initiative.

Your company improves

Once obtained the analysis of competition online data, you can affix the improvements to your marketing strategy, trying to follow the strength of competition and exploiting weaknesses. An analysis online competition is always a journey where we start loads of questions and you come back stronger, conscious and with a clear idea of where to direct your efforts.

We offer you a complete analysis

A comprehensive analysis of your company includes a search ranking of your website on search engines as well as major keywords to better understand the industry in which your business operates.

Furthermore, our research includes analysis of your online visibility than that of your competitors. Once concluded the analysis phase, we will represent you a report of the results obtained, which includes clear and updated recommendations on the next steps.

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