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The marketing has changed. The buyer is always on, always connected and digitally is more aware than ever. To achieve this potential client you need a support that thinks about tomorrow and evolves every day.

Who we are?

Digital technologies are radically changing the organizations, wreaking havoc in the legacy business models. CYONWO through a unique strategic vision supports every business to anticipate and adapt to these trends, accelerating its growth and its success.

Your inbound and conversion rate experts

“We are an agency specializing in inbound marketing solutions, conversion rate optimization and growth hacking that operates worldwide. We offer strategic consulting, planning, analysis and development of integrated and innovative solutions for the growth of a company.

We are a team of professional’s experienced in inbound marketing and paid marketing, conversion rate optimization and growth hacking that we love what we do. CYONWO is an agency based in Chittagong, Bangladesh but we work with businesses of any size national and international.

We offer competitive prices through an asset management process and the high-profile job. This allows our customers the quality and especially the results of a large agency with the attention of a small company in realizing tailored so each project.

We were born in 2010 from an idea by Chowdhury Shahid-UZ-Zaman, CEO, CYONWO and since then we have supported companies of all sizes to create and manage digital marketing action-oriented results. We have behind us a long way in the performance marketing having worked with international agencies.

The team of CYONWO lives a pragmatic corporate culture and focused on results, rich in values such as customer care, support, proactive and continuous consulting. This makes us responsible for all our projects and boosts our achievement. We think precious the relationship and contact with the customer. For this reason, we take charge of every problem and guarantee anyway creative and effective solutions.

There is a great satisfaction in knowing when we have done our job better and served the interests of your customers, generating tangible results for you. By collaborating with companies and high-profile agencies to define a convergence of tools, strategies and new frontiers of new media and the web, we regard with particular attention to the markets of the green economy, the existential and experiential marketing.

Since 2010, our success is driven by our team and its commitment to helping entrepreneurs, marketing, and executive managers, to achieve the business results they need, through inbound marketing.

We know very well what the real needs of companies and organic today are. For this reason, we have created and we constantly develop a complete service, thanks to a team of over 10 professionals who every day helps to create the results needed to achieve the marketing objectives of each of our clients.

Our Achievements

Wordpress Templates
Web Design
Bespoke Development
Account Management
Database Design

Change is constant so our job is to help you ride up

Our world is constantly changing and we realize that if we can master this change, the possibilities are endless. In a nutshell, this is what we do! Gradually supporting the company, we find a right balance in this constant change, evolving how to connect with people in the digital age.

We are a group of curious people, focused on understanding the world around us and how people are connected to it. In addition, this curiosity that helps us to see beyond, pushing our clients to be the first to exploit the new opportunities that are emerging around them.

Our capabilities

By studying the change in buyer behavior and the strengthening of the role of technology in people’s B2C and B2B, CYONWO focuses its efforts on digital marketing programs designed alongside the company, attracting contacts and closing more opportunities. Our holistic approach to next-generation marketing includes …

  • Research and planning
  • Guest Blogging
  • Website design, UX Design
  • eCommerce web design and market analysis
  • Digital strategy with marketing planning
  • Content strategy and content marketing
  • Web analytics, social analytics, and business intelligence
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media strategy, increase community and community management
  • Online advertising
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM design

We combine technology, methods, experience and the best digital marketing strategies to help ensure that startups and businesses of all sizes, achieve sustainable growth and able to maximize their profits.

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